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Fuselage kit Bell 47 G III
Order No. 4700
$2,209.12 CAN
Fuselage kit Bell 47 G III Icon Product Length
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Product Weight
The Bell 47 G III is a classic helicopter which was built in a very large number of versions, some of which are still in airworthy condition today.

We decided to model the three-seater G III version, not least because a full-size machine is based at VARIO Helicopter.
A turbine version of the original helicopter was built, but we decided against producing this in model form as the rotor disc diameter would be more than 3.5 metres, which we thought was a little too large.

The model has turned out to be relatively compact, and can even be transported in a small car thanks to the removable tail - only three screws have to be undone.
The VARIO G230 petrol engine provides ample power for the model, and the mechanical system is also suitable for installation in other helicopters.
If you would like to read about the history of the original machine, please turn to page 92 of our Catalogue 12, where you will also find a presentation of the smaller model of the 47 G II version.

Model features:

Four-part stainless steel lattice fuselage
10-part GRP fuselage, white gelcoated surfaces
Ballraced 8 mm stainless steel tail rotor shaft
Cabin contains no parts of the mechanical system
Scale skid landing gear, factory-welded
4 mm CFRP tube tail rotor control linkage with ballraced bellcrank
Easily removable tail boom (three screws)
Electric on-board starter can be installed
Product Instructions
Product Video
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Reflex blades 2160 mm<br>
Reflex blades 2160 mm

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Bell 47 G III full size heli
Bell 47 G III full size heli
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Skid end cap 20 mm
Skid end cap 20 mm
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Helmet for pilot Peter<br>
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$26.60 CAN
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Ignition cable suppressor set
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Rotor shaft 12 x 514 mm
Rotor shaft 12 x 514 mm
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Petrol engine G240, 23cc
Petrol engine G240, 23cc
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Wheel holder for Bell 47 G III
Wheel holder for Bell 47 G III
$129.85 CAN
TEXT_BUYWheel holder for Bell 47 G IIITEXT_NOW
Joystick set
Joystick set
$31.35 CAN
Petrol fuel tubing 1m, 4mm ID
Petrol fuel tubing 1m, 4mm ID
$9.34 CAN
TEXT_BUYPetrol fuel tubing 1m, 4mm IDTEXT_NOW
Pushrod 3.0 x 105 mm
Pushrod 3.0 x 105 mm
$12.35 CAN
TEXT_BUYPushrod 3.0 x 105 mmTEXT_NOW
Pitch compensator for 722/72
Pitch compensator for 722/72
$157.88 CAN
TEXT_BUYPitch compensator for 722/72TEXT_NOW
Fittings set Lama
Fittings set Lama
$42.12 CAN
TEXT_BUYFittings set LamaTEXT_NOW
$77.59 CAN
Pilot Peter 400mm
Pilot Peter 400mm
$235.95 CAN
TEXT_BUYPilot Peter 400mmTEXT_NOW
Carburettor inlet funnel
Carburettor inlet funnel
$29.77 CAN
TEXT_BUYCarburettor inlet funnelTEXT_NOW
Rotor blade pouch, rotor  2500
Rotor blade pouch, rotor 2500
$54.00 CAN
TEXT_BUYRotor blade pouch, rotor  2500TEXT_NOW
Bell 47 Mechanics
Bell 47 Mechanics
$2,117.27 CAN
TEXT_BUYBell 47 MechanicsTEXT_NOW
Rotary light 4.8
Rotary light 4.8
$70.78 CAN
TEXT_BUYRotary light 4.8TEXT_NOW
Scale fire extinguisher
Scale fire extinguisher
$21.06 CAN
TEXT_BUYScale fire extinguisherTEXT_NOW
Safety belt for large-scale models
Safety belt for large-scale models
$20.42 CAN
TEXT_BUYSafety belt for large-scale modelsTEXT_NOW
Fine-mesh petrol filter
Fine-mesh petrol filter
$21.69 CAN
TEXT_BUYFine-mesh petrol filterTEXT_NOW
Silencer system Bell 47 G III<br>
Silencer system Bell 47 G III

$424.40 CAN
TEXT_BUYSilencer system Bell 47 G III<br>TEXT_NOW
Rotor head VR-22
Rotor head VR-22
$567.56 CAN
Bell 47 G III bubble cover
Bell 47 G III bubble cover
$58.43 CAN
TEXT_BUYBell 47 G III bubble coverTEXT_NOW
On-board electric starter G230/240 /270
On-board electric starter G230/240 /270
$488.85 CAN
TEXT_BUYOn-board electric starter G230/240 /270TEXT_NOW
Cockpit Bell 47 G III
Cockpit Bell 47 G III
$234.37 CAN
Pushrod 3.0x120mm
Pushrod 3.0x120mm
$14.25 CAN
TEXT_BUYPushrod 3.0x120mmTEXT_NOW
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