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Jakadofsky PRO Edition 25-tooth clutch bell
Order No. PJW-PRO5000
$6,749.95 CAN
Since the introduction of turbine power to R/C models, helicopter pilots have been patiently waiting for this exact development that would allow the turbine engine to be integrated to our gear driven model helicopters. The PJW-R turbine is was the first engine offered won several first place wins at the Nationals and the IRCHA fun fly. Jakadofsky was granted a patent for this turbine engine design and its entire system in 2002. Since then, Jakadofsky has continued to release newer models that produce more horse power with increased operating speeds. The PJW-RS is our new model for 2005. The PJW turbine is an AMA approved engine for use within the USA. This is a complete system that comes with the components for complete remote starting from the radio transmitter. The onboard electronic control system automates the starting and shutdown of the engine. The engine uses two different types of fuel during operation, a gaseous butane/propane mix for starting and liquid Kerosene as the primary operational fuel. The engine is first primed with the propane/butane that burns until the engine is at a sufficient temperature and RPM to run on the Kerosene.

The Jakadofsky turbine engine has been designed from the start for use in model helicopters. Why is this much better than other turbines on the market? The integrated direct drive gear box is extremely reliable and maintenance free and does not rely on questionable belts in the transmission of power to the helicopter. The turboshaft design reduces the engines output to 16,600 RPM at the clutchbell which correlates perfectly with our model helicopter drive-train design. This greatly improves the reliability because there are fewer rotating parts and no additional gear reduction is needed. The PJ-W-R engine operates more efficiently as the AECU (electronic control unit) only needs to regulate the engine speed 2-4K to cover all flying manuevers. This intrinsic design avoids large engine RPM changes to control the output to the helicopter. The engine also comes equipped with an intake screen to avoid FOD (foreign object damage) that prevents debris from entering the engine which could severely damage the internal engine components. All around, the Jakadofsky turbine engine is a better design for the emerging turbine helicopter marketplace.

Common Specifications:

Startup: Completely automatic ECU engine start and shut down from transmitter
Fuel Useage: 4 oz/min (130ml/min) average
Fuel: Jet A-1 Kerosene with 7% Turbine Oil (approx ratio 15:1)
Gas: 30% Propane / 70% Butane mix in a refillable tank
Glow Plug: Rossi 4 with 2 loops expanded 3mm, no gasket
Exhaust Temp: 400 - 700 Celcius
Battery: 7.2V 1250Mah (for onboard starting)

Tubing: Gas system 3mm PU
Fuel pressure system 4mm PU
Fuel pickup and tank system, yellow Tygon 3mm inside
Fuel tank fittings 3mm inside diameter

Diameter: 113mm
Length: 260mm
Weight: 1350g (3lbs)
Components as shown:

Gas turbine engine unit.
Onboard AECU unit.
Electronic data unit.
Propane shut off valve.
Kerosene fuel pump.
Kerosene shut off valve.
Butane/propane tank w/valve.
Glow plug connector.
Safety & Throttle servo leads.
External engine status LED.
AECU connectors x 2.
Master on/off switch.
6 cell 1250mah battery
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