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Transporter for large models
Order No. 144
$71.10 CAN

Full-size helicopters can be shifted into a hangar by various methods.
Special platforms are available for some machines; the helicopter is loaded on the platform, then dragged into the hangar. Another alternative is what are known as transport wheels: these are mounted on the skid landing gear so that the helicopter can simply be rolled into the hangar.

Some model helicopters are now up to 2.5 m long, and their take-off weight may reach and even exceed 17 kg. With such machines it really makes sense to use a similar method of transport.

These transport wheels for large-scale models are simple to fit and very practical in use. They fit under the Jet Ranger, the Robinson R22, the Lama and other models.

The maximum overall width of the skid tubes which the wheels can accept is 58 cm. Two different mounting brackets are supplied, and can be adjusted to the actual skid width.

Transport wheels with pneumatic tyres
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