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Fuselage Kit Ecureuil

Order No. 9000
$2,993.00 CAN
Fuselage Kit Ecureuil<br> Icon Product Length
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With this kit, special emphasis was placed on the original full size design. The doors can be made functional. There is also an opening loading door on the left side. The cockpit can be scaled to the original helicopter, as it is clear of any mechanics. The tail rotor drive shaft is mounted on top of the tail boom under a removal cover, giving good access for assembly and maintenance.

Model features :

25-piece GFK-fuselage
Clear window set
Stainless steel tail drive, 8 mm incl. mountings and couplings
Welded aluminum skid landing gear
Laser cut wooden formers
Tail control push-rod, 4 mm CFK-tube
Various small parts
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