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Helicopter kit XL-C for JetCat SPT5-H
Order No. 2680
$7,800.00 CAN
The XL-C helicopter is designed as a load-carrier, and is capable of transporting a payload of up to 15 kg in addition to its airframe weight of around 17 kg. The fueltank capacity of around 9.5 litres is also generous, permitting extended flight times. However, please note that a full tank halves the maximum possible payload. The low vibration levels of the 3-blade main rotor and turbine power system also make the model a potential candidate as a camera platform.
The tall landing gear provides generous space for external loads, and features suitable equipment attachment facilities.
The main rotor is designed for left-hand rotation, and its rotational speed has to be adjusted to suit the load, to take into account the wide range of possible take-off weights.
Set up in this way, the helicopter's flying characteristics remain largely constant regardless of its all-up weight.
The rotational speed of the main rotor is set by entering the appropriate value at the turbine GSU; the rotor speed can also be switched in flight from the transmitter.

Set contents:
Complete model, including fueltank,
3-blade rotor head and rotor blades,
4-blade tail rotor and rotor blades,
swashplate servos, GRP cabin,
skid landing gear.
The set does not include the turbine, receiver, gyro or tail rotor servo.
At the builder's discretion the XL-C can be built as a right-hand rotation machine, requiring only minor modifications.
However, the rotor blades are not symmetrical, so please mention your requirements when ordering.
JetCat SPT5-H turbine, information and supplier: http://www.cat-ing.de
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