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Fuselage kit AIRWOLF for turbine
Order No. 2004
$2,993.00 CAN
Fuselage kit AIRWOLF for turbine Icon Product Length
Product Width
Product Diameter
Product Engine
Product Weight
At last the turbine-powered AIRWOLF is available, with a single turbine powering the rotor head and tail rotor. The model can also be equipped with two mini-turbines for extra forward thrust.

A further option is the installation of a set of electronic airborne cannon, which generate a convincing sound when fired, similar to the sharp clatter of machine guns. A rocket launcher which can be slung under the fuselage rounds off the range of scale fittings specific to this model.

The fuselage is moulded in GRP, as are the mechanical system supports and the kerosene tank. The kit includes the retractable undercarriage as standard. The installation of this three-part aluminium retract system is easier than usual because the supports consist of moulded GRP components which are supplied ready-made in the kit, i.e. they do not have to be assembled from wooden parts, as is usually the case with smaller models. The GRP supports are simply glued in the stub wings.

Further items contained in the kit include various small hardware items (fixings), glazing set, ballraced stainless steel tail rotor drive shaft and other accessories.
The model shown in the pictures is fitted out with optional scale accessories.
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