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JetCat SPH5
Order No. JetCat SPH5
$4,994.71 CAN


Output: 8 KW to 175,000 1/min >> 11.2Hp
Weight: 2000g
Measurements: Length about 375 mm, width (exhaust pipe) about 140 mm, about 83 mm in diameter turbine
Peripheral Weight: 700g (ECU, valves, gas tanks, Accu, cables and hoses)
Speed: 50,000 - 175,000 1/min.
Output speed: 15,500 - 22,000 1/min. (Idle 1/min: about 6500.)
Precision speed controller for the output shaft, control response in the millisecond range
Exhaust Temperature: 530 C-650 C
Fuel consumption: approximately 180 - 220 ml / min (full load)
Fuel: Kerosene Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: approximately 5% fully synthetic. Turbine Oil in the fuel
Service interval: 50 hours
Application SPH 5: Helicopter with a main rotor diameter of 1.8 m to 3.2 m
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