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Fuselage kit Jet Ranger XL
Order No. 1005
$1,944.66 CAN
Fuselage kit Jet Ranger XL Icon Product Length
Product Width
Product Diameter
Product Engine
Product Weight
Fuselage kit for PHT3, PHT4, PJW-R, Limited Edition

The demands placed on model helicopters are certainly comparable to those made on their full-size equivalents. In both areas the development of new model types follows the requirement for greater potential energy, even though the reasons behind this demand are not comparable in any way.

For some time gas turbines have fulfilled the need for “greater performance” in model helicopters, and these power plants even offer a scale sound. Modern turbines vary in output level, but the most potent of them are so powerful that their maximum output can and must never be exploited to the full; this applies, for example, to the JetCat PHT4.

It is certainly useful to have a reserve of power, but the sole purpose of a turbine in a model helicopter is to give the aircraft a realistic scale flying performance. This implies that you should study the climb rate and general performance of the full-size helicopter and set the model's maximum collective pitch settings to emulate these aspects of flight.

This XL Ranger is quite a project, as its size is truly imposing. Nevertheless, it is still straightforward to handle as its design layout includes a removable tail for transport. Transport wheels are available to ease moving the model on the ground.

This Jet Ranger is certainly not a good choice for the beginner to model helicopter flying, as it calls for a certain level of piloting skill and technical expertise.

The model can be fitted with any of four different turbines: JetCat PHT3, PHT4, Jakadofsky PJW-R or Limited Edition. The welded aluminium skid landing gear is supplied ready-made in the kit, which also includes a ballraced 8 mm Ø stainless steel tail rotor drive shaft, 25 mm Ø guide tube and all requisite connections, not to mention the 13-part fuselage, a former set, glazing panel set and four doors; the latter can be hinged if desired.

Specification, kit contents
Scale 1 : 4.0
Height 890 mm
Length 2500 mm
Fuselage width 360 mm
Skid width 480 mm
13-part white GRP fuselage
8 mm Ø ballraced stainless steel tail rotor drive shaft
Claw connections
Former set
Glazing panel set
3-part GRP tail set
Skid landing gear / additional small items

The model illustrated is fitted out with optional scale accessories. The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.
Product Instructions
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