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Fuselage kit Robinson with mechanics and motor
Order No. 7023
$3,992.95 CAN
Our model of the Robinson R22 is based as closely as possible on the full-size machine. In view of its considerable size we developed a special ultra-strong rotor head; it features blade holders with a blade root of 22 mm.
The kit contains a soldered stainless steel fuselage, a 10-part fuselage fairing, a smoked-tine glazing panel set, skid landing gear and various small items. The tail rotor drive is based on an 8 mm ballraced stainless steel drive shaft. This model is unusually large, and its size is particularly demanding in respect of the parts and materials employed in its construction. We wish to point out expressly that the accessories shown here are indeed "essential", and urge you not to use any other components. Experimenting can be highly dangerous! At the risk of boring you, please turn to pages 2 and 3 of our catalogue.
The model illustrated is fitted out with optional scale accessories. The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.
Special edition includes Ord.No. 7022 Fuselage kit Robinson, Ord.No. 470/23 Mechanics and Ord.No. 1023 Motor
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