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Petrol Trainer including motor and silencer
Order No. 8311
$2,373.81 CAN
Petrol Trainer including motor and silencer Icon Product Length
Product Width
Product Diameter
Product Engine
Product Weight
The popular Petrol Trainer, whose mechanics can easily be converted for installation in a full-fuselage model, is now available as a complete set - with or without radio control system - thanks to a favourable purchase. The model can soon be ready for the air, as it only requires a few minor additional accessories such as filter, suppressed plug cap, fuel tubing etc.

Model features
Helicopter kit
23 cc petrol engine
Silencer system
GRP main and tail rotor blades
You already own a suitable radio control system? In that case the alternative combination may be more suitable for you:
Ord.No. 8311 Petrol Trainer and Ord.No. 995 Radio control system accessories including Futaba S9202 servos or Ord.No. 996 Radio control system accessories including Futaba S9206 servos.
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