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Fuselage kit UH-1D for PHT3-3
Order No. 2060
$1,726.12 CAN
Fuselage kit UH-1D for PHT3-3 Icon Product Length
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More recently the development of full-size and model helicopters has continued apace, and our new version of the UH-1D reflects that progress. The type is extremely popular in model form, and this is now the third size we have produced, this time as a "large-scale model" designed for scale turbine power.

The model is designed for JetCat PHT3-3 mechanics (914 rpm); the turbine in this model is even positioned in the scale location. The original JetCat PHT3-3 12 mm rotor shaft is used; existing PHT3 systems can be converted to PHT3-3 specification by JetCat.

The mechanical system is supported on a sub-structure consisting of aluminium plates with plastic connecting pieces, which in turn is screwed to the skid landing gear; the landing gear is a single component of welded aluminium construction.

We decided on a rotor disc diameter of 2300 mm in order to ensure that this helicopter has good auto-rotation characteristics as well as very high performance. With an all-up weight of 15 - 16 kg and a VR-22 rotor head the model is very easy to fly.

The 3-litre kerosene tank is located on the bottom of the fuselage below the entry step. The tail boom is attached by a central screw-fitting joint; all you have to do is disconnect the tail rotor servo and undo the joint to remove the boom.

The UH-1D kit comes complete with all the usual accessories, including skid landing gear, glazing set, bulkheads, door set (separate pack) and various small items.

The position of the turbine aft of the rotor shaft inevitably requires nose weight for the correct Centre of Gravity, and this means that it is possible to install extensive scale fittings in the cockpit, including pilots, safety belts, landing searchlights etc.
The model illustrated is fitted out with optional scale accessories. The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.
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