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Fuselage kit Mil Mi-2 for SPH5 turbine
Order No. 9300
$2,185.36 CAN
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Mikhail Leontyevich Mil had worked for eighteen years on rotary wing aircraft and helicopters before establishing the Mil helicopter factory in Moscow in 1947. To date the company has produced fifteen different basic types in more than 200 variants. Hardly any helicopters based on Russian prototypes are available on the model market, but it is worth pointing out that the production figures for the full-size Mi-2 are amongst the highest in the world.

Since the exhaust efflux of the type is located forward of the rotor shaft, our model incorporates a modified version of the Air-Crane mechanics; in this version the tail rotor drive take-off is on the underside of the mechanics instead of the top. For ease of transport the tail boom can be removed after disconnecting the tail rotor servo and undoing a central screwed joint.

The JetCat SPH5 twin-shaft turbine provides an unprecedented level of power for full-fuselage models, to the extent that the model weight ceases to be a problem. The engine supplies a tremendous performance in flight without even approaching its operational limits, i.e. it is operated at "part-throttle".

Since we deliberately designed the twin-shaft turbine mechanical system without a clutch, the model exhibits total scale fidelity even at the start-up process, with the rotor slowly starting to spin while the turbine is being started.

The Mi-2 can be equipped either with a two-blade rotor head or a scale three-blade version. Please don't be put off at the idea of a three-blade main rotor; it offers unusually straightforward flying characteristics, and does not require the re-learning process called for with previous multi-blade rotors.

The fuselage kit contains a nine-part white GRP fuselage, a glazing set, an 8 mm stainless steel tail rotor drive system including bearing supports, an articulated joint and a claw coupling, wheeled undercarriage, bulkhead set and various small items.

The tail rotor drive system requires a 17 angle gearbox, and this is available as a separate accessory. We can also supply a range of accessories to enable you to fit out the machine to suit your personal preference.
The model illustrated is fitted out with optional scale accessories. The model is supplied in kit-form, i.e. not assembled.
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